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We can work on fabric graphics as well

Fecha de publicación: 08/14/2018

With information from State of the Industry 2018 – IFAI  By Jeffrey C. Rasmussen.


An IFAI administered survey in November 2017, provided and overall positive outlook from respondents/players in the market for the fabric graphics in 2018 than it was on 2017 with its low-to-mid single-digit range growth.

On the key trends cited for driving opportunities in 2018 we have the following:

  1. More digital inkjet printers for fabric are being used, which helps to increase growth in latex print and ink technology.
  2. Single-digit sales growth over the next few years.
  3. Good economics in terms of low unemployment and good consumer spending (although some customers are unwilling to pay for quality).
  4. The retail segment continues to expand the soft signage market—both indoor and outdoor signage. There are more sales of high-end point-of-purchase (POP) substrates.
  5. The trade show and exhibition market continues to realize double-digit growth.

Directly related to POP and trade show markets, supporting a larger investment on durability are environmental credentials, green companies need to think twice about single use materials, meaning highest durability to reduce waste will be very much appreciated by the public eye, as a result there has been rise in the use of lightweight yet durable modular stands that can be repurposed at numerous events.

We can provide solutions focused on this long lasting (thanks to our UV filter) and highly resistant (due to our thread count) projects for your visual needs since most of our products work well with digital and screen printing, thus combining flexibility and creativity on the fabric side with the durability of our PVC coating mix.

There is no way to know exactly how the market will change with time but approaching already to the last quarter of the year in an intertwined global economy with a product that’s so in touch with images and colors the basic key industry trends gravitate towards experimental durable displays, with a clever use of shapes, lightweight structures and space, and at the same time keeping an eye on environmental concerns to promote your company.


Our best products for this application are:

  • 18 oz Multilona 13×13 1000 D
  • 18 oz Duraflex 14×14 1000 D
  • 18 oz Fortoflex 14×14 1000 D
  • 16 oz Mega IKL 20×20 1000 D
  • 15 oz Econoflex 9×9 1000 D
  • 10 oz Invernaflex 9×9 500 D


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